Standard and Custom Type-A Shipping Containers & Specialty Packaging of Radioactive Materials

Shipping Radioactive Packages

FTC Designs and fabricates "Type A" shipping packages of various sizes, shielding capacities and configurations for use, rental or purchase by our customers. All packages are designed and constructed in house to assure that the highest Quality Standards are met. Containers meet international shipping regulations, protect the sources from damage during shipping, and are certified by FTC as USADOT Type A, Specification 7A packages.

FTC's standard shipping packages are designed for the transportation and storage of Cf-252 sources in Special Form. They may be used for Type A quantities of other materials provided that external radiation levels do not exceed 200 mRem/hr at the surfaces of the container or 10 mRem/hr at one meter from these surfaces.

The shielding effectiveness of any FTC standard package design can be increased by the addition of special shielding during package manufacture. The effectiveness of most existing FTC packages can be increased through the use of specially-shielded source holders.

The suitability of particular packages for source storage depends both upon source size and upon external radiation levels specified by the customer. We will be pleased to assist in the selection of a suitable package.

Typical Shipping Containers
Typical Shipping Containers

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Standard Type A Shipping Containers – For Rental and Sale

MODEL 50240
MODEL 50220
MODEL 50200
5 Gallon
30 Gallon
55 Gallon
Up to 10 ug.
Up to 50 ug.
Up to 110 ug.
45 lbs.
275 lbs.
500 lbs.
20.5 k.
125 k.
227 k.
Perm: 100 lbs.
Perm: 500 lbs.
Perm: 880 lbs.
30 cm x 30 cm x 35 cm
51 cm x 51 cm x 76 cm
61 cm x 61 cm x 89 cm
12” x 12” x 14”
22” x 22” x 34”
25” x 25” x 35”

Custom Type A Shipping Containers – For Rental

MODEL 50110
MODEL 50100
MODEL 50300
Long Ton
Up to 1870 ug.
Up to 5000 ug.
Up to 4000 ug.
3940 lbs.
7400 lbs.
6900 lbs.
Perm: 4300 lbs.
Perm: 8000 lbs.
Perm: 8000 lbs.
47” x 41” x 43”
64” x 51” x 53”
16’ x 50” x 50”

Special Design & Fabrication

Howitzer, cable attachments, and other special types of containers can be designed and fabricated by Frontier or by you, our customer - designed containers can be fabricated in whole or in part by Frontier; for example, the filling of a customer supplied shell with WEP shielding material.

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