Fabrication of Nuclear Reactor Start Up Rods and Shipping Container

By its very nature, the nuclear industry is full of extremely dangerous materials. These materials are not simply put on the curb for collection when their lifespan has been completed, particularly in the case of nuclear start-up rods. In the project highlighted here a nuclear industry customer asked us to fabricate a reactor unit shipping container to be used for shipping reactor rods. Given the extremely hazardous nature of the cargo, this was going to be a heavy duty structure. After our staff conducted a significant amount of research, the design team came up with a game plan. Working from exacting specifications, we proceeded to fabricate the container, and carefully and precisely cut, machined, and welded the components into the cask, which was then painted red to indicate the dangerous aspects of the contents. At Frontier Technology Corporation, we specialize in servicing the nuclear industry, for further information, please contact us directly.

Reactor Start Up Rods and Shipping Container
Reactor Start Up Rods and Shipping Container

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