Californium Neutron Sources & Shipping Containers For Radioactive Materials

As the world's experts in the design and manufacturing of custom neutron sources, Frontier Technology Corporation offers an extensive product line that includes nuclear start-up rods, water-extended polyester (WEP) shielding, Type-A shipping containers for radioactive material, and Antimony-Beryllium pellets for various nuclear applications.

What is Californium?

Californium is a metallic, radioactive element which was first discovered at the University of California Radiation Laboratory at Berkley. The element, which was named after both the state and the school, has the second-highest atomic mass of all elements produced in large enough quantities to be seen with the naked eye. An isotope of this element, known as Californium-252, has found its use in a variety of industries.

By harnessing the neutrons emitted from the material, it can be used as a neutron source to aid in a number of practical applications, such as the start-up of a nuclear reactor. Other high-mass elements can be produced using Cf-252 and other materials can be studied by using neutron diffraction and neutron spectroscopy.

Penetration of neutrons into other materials means that it can be useful in instruments that detect corrosion, poor welding, cracks and other imperfections in nuclear equipment, as well as aircraft and weapons components. In the oil industry, Cf-252 is used to find layers of water and petroleum in a well, while the mining industry has utilized the isotope for the analysis of silver and gold.

The world's leading Expert in Neutron sources

Frontier Technology Corporation has been leading the industry of radioactive material handling since 1984. For over 30 years, our company has delivered high-quality, custom neutron sources across the globe. We meet and exceed standards set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Ohio State Department of Health, ISO-2919, ASTM and ANSI.

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