Standard Californium-252 Sources: Model 10 Series

The Model 10 series of neutron sources are singly-encapsulated sources generally used as the inner capsules of multiply-encapsulated sources. The Model 10 sources have an outside diameter of 0.217/0.218 inches and are available in two lengths, the longer of which is equivalent to the Savannah River SR-CF-1X capsule. Capsule material may be either Type 304L stainless steel or Zircalloy-2. Closure is by tungsten-inert-gas (TIG) welding. The sources are designed to meet Special Form requirements even after infinite decay of the Cf-252 contents.

  • Single-encapsulated neutron source generally used as inner capsules of multi-encapsulated sources
  • The capsule material used is either 304L stainless steel or Zircaloy-2, and the closure is TIG welded
  • All sources NIST traceable

All Model 10 sources are certified by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) as Special Form, and all have been approved for licensing purposes by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) for general use.

The Model 10 sources offer great flexibility in meeting customer outer capsule configuration and material requirements because Model 10 sources may be further encapsulated in capsules of arbitrary design, and still be licensed and transported as Model 10 sources.

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Nominal dimensions for the Frontier Technology Corporation Model 10 and 10S sources are shown below:

Dimensions Close Model 10 Model 10S
Outside diameter 0.217/0.218 inch 0.217/0.218 inch
5.51/5.54mm 5.51/5.54mm
Outside length 0.975 inch 0.470 inch
24.77mm 11.94mm
Inside diameter 0.154 inch 0.154 inch
3.91mm 3.91mm
Inside length 0.75 inch 0.24 inch
19.05mm 6.10mm
Maximum content: 10 milligrams 4 milligrams

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