In 1980, as we were beginning to lay the groundwork for what would become Frontier Technology Corporation (FTC), the disposal of spent or depleted neutron sources was not considered to be a difficult area of business.

However, as the company progressed, it became apparent that we did not want to have a FTC-fabricated source in the field without allowing the source to be returned to FTC through a properly developed disposal procedure that followed applicable regulatory guidelines and operating policies of Frontier Technology Corporation. Although times and regulations have changed, FTC has continued to maintain a policy that any Californium-252 neutron source fabricated at our facility can, at any time, be returned to us for fee-free disposal. All costs related to shipping to Frontier Technology are the responsibility of the customer.

It is a normal course of action for our customer to return any depleted sources when our shipping container is being returned to FTC, following delivery of a fresh Cf-252 source. While Frontier Technology Corporation is not required to keep such sources, we feel that a responsible source manufacturer should provide disposal opportunities for depleted sources. It is a service we feel is a responsible action, and promotes our industry in a positive manner.

Please feel free to review our policies and return authorization documents. If you have any questions, please contact us via phone or email.