Oil well logging is a process where instrumentation is lowered into a borehole to determine the properties of the geologic formations surrounding the bore.

The Californium-252 neutron source is used to bombard a formation with high-energy neutrons which can be read in real time to determine the porosity, permeability, shale beds, the presence of hydrocarbons, and a continuous record along the length of the borehole.

Frontier Technology Corporation’s Cf-252 sources are manufactured under a strict Quality Assurance program. These sources meet or exceed the high level of standards needed to withstand the extreme temperatures and force encountered during oil well logging. All production sources are welded with Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding and undergo pressurized helium leak testing.

Frontier Technology Corporation works with our customers to manufacture and encapsulate the sources in special holders which are made from 17-4PH stainless steel or MP35N alloy and are configured to match their unique instruments.

Oil Well Logging Project Highlights

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Oil Well Logging

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Bores a hole into the earth and works like sonar echo to detect oil, gas, sand, and shale




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Oil & Gas
Well Logging

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